FIGS Sentiment Score

The Sentiment Score helps you quickly understand the overall investor sentiment in key markets. View projected returns and losses over a period of 3-12 months to understand how returns/losses ratio can help you when you’re considering buying or selling your stocks.

FIGS Analyst Score

Use the Analyst Score to find your preferred analysts. FIGS computes and tracks the overall forecasting accuracy of each analyst over time - so you can decide who to follow.

FIGS Probability Calculator

Key in your desired returns and investment period of a stock you like and the Probability Calculator will determine the probability of you achieving it.

FIGS Returns Tracker

The Returns Tracker tracks the difference between analysts’ consensus price targets and current stock prices, allowing you to assess potential returns from specific funds, sectors or investment themes, based on the analyses of experts.


Want to find out about Driverless Cars, Biotechnology, or the Airlines Sector? FIGS makes it easy to learn about the latest developments in the market through reports, infographics, videos and related news — all in one place.


Create a Watchlist so you can stay up to date on stocks and funds you’re interested in, save investment ideas about different markets and keep track of the performance of your favourite analysts.