Building a level playing field for all investors
At times, it can appear like professional investors have an edge on the rest of us when it comes to the world of investing.

FIGS aims to deliver clear and accessible information to any investor by taking the same data that the pros use and transforming it into simple-to-understand tools and insights.

Our Offices

New York

Our Mission

At FIGS, we strive to empower every investor with meaningful investment tools and insights so that they can make smarter decisions about their financial wealth. Because we recognise that when it comes to your financial future, you should be in charge of your own decisions.

Our Values


Providing users with professional tools and information. We ensure that anyone can begin investing, armed with the same knowhow as industry insiders.


Breaking down the barriers of mystery that surround investing. We avoid the financial “jargon” and approach investing in a straight-forward manner.


Placing the power and knowledge to invest in your hands. We aspire to give every investor the confidence and information required to start their journey on the road to smarter investing.

Our Investors

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