FIGS Sentiment Score: Take the temperature of global markets

Our Sentiment Score gives you a snapshot of price momentum for different stockmarkets worldwide and the projected returns/losses over 3-12 months.
Invest like the pros do by seeing how the returns/losses ratio can help you make smarter decisions when considering buying or selling stocks.
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FIGS Analyst Score:Judge the professionals

Our Analyst Score provides you with an overall rating for analysts based on their historical accuracy in predicting stock prices.
You can then decide which analysts to follow so you can focus on what’s important: investing.
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FIGS Probability Calculator: What are my odds?

Our Probability Calculator breaks down your desired return for a stock of your choosing, over a set time period, to give you a probability of achieving it within the timeframe.
Use it to identify which stocks you feel comfortable investing in, based on the likelihood of returns.
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FIGS Returns Tracker:
Locate the potential

Our Returns Tracker gives you the potential returns of Sectors or Themes based on the difference between analysts’ price targets for stocks and current stock prices.
From here, you can allocate your investments depending on your expectations for returns and appetite to take risk.
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Learn section

Ever wondered how companies in the Airlines, Biotechnology or Iron Ore Mining sectors operate their businesses?
FIGS provides comprehensive sector reports along with infographics, videos and related news that give you a holistic view of key industries so that you can save time  spent on research. Our FIGS Returns Tracker also serves as a helpful indicator of the potential 12 months returns in each Sector or Theme.

Collect section

Compile all your favourites – be it stocks, analysts, markets or sectors – in one place.
Save them using a Watchlist in your Collect section this allows you to conveniently access your favourite investment ideas while keeping track of your preferred analysts.

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